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Bellini Wine List

White Wine / Vino Bianco

SOAVE - abv: 12.5% - 13.5%
Made from Garganega white wine grape variety grown on the hillsides east of Verona. Pleasant light bodied wine offering a refreshing bouquet of ripe fruit and hawthorn. The taste is dry and delicate.
Bottle (750ml): £17.95 / Glass (175ml): £4.95

FRASCATI SUPERIORE - abv: 12.5% - 13.5%
This easy-drinking lightly golden wine is dry and fresh, yet pleasantly fresh and fruity with a smooth taste and subtle hint of nuttiness.
Bottle (750ml): £19.95

VERMENTINO - abv: 12.5% - 13%
Clean and fresh on the nose, the wine is full of ripe peach and citrus aroma. The palate offers a swathe of soft pear and stone fruit character, cut through with a refreshing limey streak.
Bottle (750ml): £21.95

PINOT GRIGIO - abv: 12% - 12.5%
The clean, intense aroma and dry flavour with pleasant golden apple aftertaste make a pinot grigio a wine of great character and versatility.
Bottle (750ml): £19.95 / Glass (175ml): £5.95

PINOT GRIGIO ROSE - abv: 12% - 12.5%
The aroma is clean and delicate with notes of freshly crushed berries. Palate it is off dry, crisp, very clean and refreshingly fruity with delicate lingering red berry flavours on the soft finish
Bottle (750ml): £19.95 / Glass (175ml): £5.95

GAVI DOCG - abv: 12.5% - 13.5%
The aroma is intense and refined, fruity and flowery with scents of golden apples. Flavour is harmonious and persistent with a good body.
Bottle (750ml): £24.95

FALANGHINA - abv: 12.5% - 13%
An intense aroma, the bouquet is warm yet fresh with pleasant suggestions of fresh toasted hazelnut. The wine becomes long and perfectly persistent with satisfying fresh notes on the aftertaste.
Bottle (750ml): £24.95

PROSECCO - Italian Champagne
Prosecco / Vino Spumante (Sparkling White Wine)
Bottle (750ml): £23.95 / Glass £5.95

PROSECCO - Raboso Rosato - Italian Champagne
Prosecco / Rose Spumante (Sparkling Rose Wine)
Bottle (750ml): £23.95

Red Wine / Vino Rosso

BARDOLINO - abv: 11.5% - 12%
Wholly varietal, deep red wine, with fruity and delicate violet aroma and a smooth, fruity dry harmonic taste.
Bottle (750ml): £17.95 / Glass (175ml): £4.95

MONTEPULCIANO - abv: 12% - 13%
Montepulciano is highly aromatic yet subtle in style. Violets and spice are backed up on the palate by concentration
Bottle (750ml): £21.95 / Glass (175ml): £5.95

NERO D'AVOLA - abv: 13% - 13.5%
Deep red wine with strong hints of berries, blackberry and cherry. The taste of jam and ripe fruit predominate along with a full and warm body and a soft yet persistent finish.
Bottle (750ml): £20.95

This robust wine has distinctive notes of dried fig and prune accompanied by a creamy bitter chocolate character. Well balanced with moderate acidity and superb length.
Bottle (750ml): £21.95

CHIANTI - abv: 11.5% - 12%
Very, pleasant, bright ruby red wine, with aroma of mature fruits and medium, well balanced flavour.
Bottle (750ml): £22.95

A full bodies, spicy bouquet with velvety taste. The grapes are refermented on the Armone skins delivering more body and alcohol.
Bottle (750ml): £25.95

An enormously robust wine that is deep, nearing black in colour. it is made from the Nebbiolo grape in the hilly district in and around the city of Barolo, in the Region of Piedmont in North-western Italy. The Nebbiolo grape gives the wine a suggestion of truffles and a positive note of raspberry.
Bottle (750ml): £38.95

Award Winning special selection is produced by choosing the finest grapes from the vineyards of the Valpolicella area. It is characterised by its elegant bouquet of plumb jam and cooked cherries with a slight hint of sweet spices.
Bottle (750ml): £49.95

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